Daisyfield Mill Space Utilisation Project Complete

Tue 15th Jan 2013

Daisyfield Mill was built in the early 1870's and is located on the banks of the Leeds Liverpool canal inBlackburn. This impressive building, once a former corn mill, now provides office space which is set on four storeys. Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (LCFT) accommodates the Ground and First Floors of the building.

Daisyfield Mill is the first clinical building in Trust’s estate portfolio to see the facility redeveloped through the space utilisation process. Prior to the project, the building was originally occupied by 138 members of staff with overhead costs of £4031 per person per annum.

With the Primary Care Trust (PCT) closing the Larkhill and Montague sites as a consequence of Transforming Community Services (TCS), there was a need to transfer and accommodate a large number of staff within an existing LCFT property. Daisyfield Mill was selected as the most appropriate property following a review that identified a total floor area of 1513m2, meaning that the building could accommodate up to 275 staff under the 5.5m2 agile working allowance.

The refurbishment work to accommodate the additional staff was undertaken in two phases:

Phase 1: First Floor

Phase 1 refurbishment commenced in October 2010 and completed in March 2012 and saw the desk space increase from 109 desks to 171 or 56%.

Phase 2: Ground Floor

Phase 2 refurbishment commenced August 2012 and completed in November 2012 and increased the desk space from 29 to 88 desks, or 203%.

The project has provided a better environment for staff by utilising rooms with large windows allowing plenty of natural light, a kitchen and break-out and additional shared meeting space provided.

Upon completion of both phases, the overall desk space has been increased by 121 desks, or 87%. Following utilisation, the overhead cost now stands at £2148 per person per annum, providing the Trust with savings of £1883 per person, a reduction in overheads of 53.29%. Further savings in overhead costs can be achieved by staff converting to agile practice on a 7/10 desk/person ration. Agile working is a flexible means of operation whereby staff members that are not specifically fixed to one location (i.e. work from any Trust site, partner organisation or from home), will have access to desk space and IT equipment by booking workstations and meeting rooms in advance using an online Booking System.

 “Agile working has had a positive impact on maintaining a healthy work- life balance for me and my colleagues. I have personally found that working in different buildings across the Trust is a fantastic opportunity to network and meet new people.” Julie Acton, an agile worker

For more information about Space Utilisation, please contact Sarah Melbourne, Space Utilisation Manager smelbourne@ryhurst.co.uk

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